Roam Ocean City Local Businesses

Ocean City local businesses dream of the day that the weather gets warm and they can open their doors for business without having the fear that they will not make enough through sales to cover their operating costs. Now that the weather is warm, early birds are taking advantage of affordable hotel and vacation rental rates and flocking to the beloved Ocean City. Many local favorites like Seacrets have opened their doors for the season to dust off their mops, train seasonal employees, and accommodate those early birds.

How many people are actually going to Ocean City right now?

There are always going to be some people who cannot wait for the regular season to visit Ocean City. Whether they cannot afford to visit OC beach during the peak season or they love OC so much that they cannot wait, there are always some people who visit early in the season.


The number of people  who visit early and the      time that they start visiting varies each year, which makes it difficult for business owners to determine how early they should open. If Ocean City local businesses open their doors too early, then they can face some big losses early in the season. If they open to late, then they could be foregoing some great business from people who save money on hotels.

 When do people typically start arriving in Ocean City?

Like I said before, when people begin visiting changes each year. The weather is a difficult thing to predict. Sometimes it is plenty warm for a relaxing visit to the beach around the end of April. Other years, people are still experiencing a morning frost through mid April. In order to take advantage of lower vacation rental prices, early birds must get to Ocean City before Memorial Day Weekend. This year Memorial Day Weekend is the last weekend of May. It also just started warming up in Ocean City recently, so I would not be surprised by a sudden burst of business in Ocean City. Ocean City local businesses seem to be thinking the same thing. They opened their doors this week, probably in hopes of showing visitors that Ocean City is ready to be visited!

While local business owners in Ocean City get really excited for the day that early birds start arriving, they get even more excited for the day that the peak season starts. While it typically begins on Memorial Day Weekend, depending on the weather, it may start a couple of weeks later. May and June seem far away now, but soon people will be begging for cooler weather and seeking a way to cool off. What better way than a dip in the Atlantic Ocean?

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